Self-introductions are a pet peeve to me, but for the sake of this section, I’ll comply.

 I find peace and meaning in seaweeds and swimming creatures from the deep where rambling tongues, literature in the forms of mandible stories and teething poetry, salivating shutterbugs, chewing quotables, biting music, cross-sections of films, cheeky travels and people whether finned, tailed, or legged thrive.

Enough said, I love the sea. When I’m basked in its glory, I am able to hear myself talk. A dialogue transpiring within. It is here where I attempt to make up for my inability to swim and my abeyance to speak, which I equally defend with privacy.

It is here where I attempt to let loose. To unsettle. To unlearn the silence.

To write incessantly like how the waves always seek to catch the shore. 


…and it is with these very words, muttered one morning in my present dwelling at Chesapeake, Virginia,with my musings of my homeland, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, that this part of me was born.


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