“after the body displaces water”

“[r]eally sick of words, and of reading, of writing. [o]f hearing them being spoken, lyrics to songs being played. [m]usic makes me want to scream. [t]he sounds explode into little shards of colored glass piercing my head. [b]ile rises to my throat.

[i] am blogging because [i] want to cure myself of this sickness. [f]orce myself to deal with them, when they’re at their most evil.

[b]ut [i]’ve also found that alcohol helps a lot. [d]rinking with people [i] like makes words kind. [w]ords smile. [l]ook pretty. [s]mell good. [c]hewy and juicy. [r]eally.”

~Daryll Delgado, On a post in her blog



Check out one of her musings entitled, “Transmutation.” Be prepared and be floored.

Grab your copies now! 


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