Purposeless life

The world is no longer a safe place to grow in. It has traces of melancholia and deception, having been corrupted by man’s sea of vices and constant voyages to hell and back, which by far has stung humanity like a ruptured, giant, contagious disease that has gone out of hand.

Every once in a while, there’s that headline. A father massacres the entire family. An actor gets killed over trivial financial matters. A politician escapes prosecution for his deeds. Pilosopong Tasyos in turbans with kingdoms of oil bomb their own kind. Children spite their parents, parents spite each other. Why even men in black light up matches on guinea pigs to spark so-called “intellectual” hostilities for their own benefit. A picturesque of stacked unsolved crimes and never-ending disputes.

Who could forget the clan war that was a worldwide sensation after more than 50 victims were massacred, some of them buried with their vehicles.

Then there’s a good number of reality TV shows corrupting young minds to behave immodestly. Games that promote war and violence. Music that feeds drug-abuse and racism. Language twisted and given sexual undertones like, say, salad.

Life’s a joke, they say. Some kind of entertainment these portray.

One can wonder for centuries how humankind has degenerated to this. It’s like the birth of the Bible all over again, where sin abound and redemption was just a promise. The value of life has diminished rapidly over the years, seventy times seven as fast as the advent of technology. What portrait can one paint a decade later?

The role of education is as invisible as a careless whisper both in the written and hidden curriculum, but definitely not as fleeting as a millisecond for a time bomb. A new breed of educators must be on the prowl, hungry and thirsty to make their marks upon the human consciousness, the essence of living in harmony with the world.

A new age of education must rise.

Youngsters need a rude awakening; a detour from the warped ways they now practice in dealing with themselves and the people around them. They need guidance especially from the institution where they spend most of their waking lives in, the school.

We need to empower them beyond books and paper and pencil tests and introduce them to their roles in the society. We need to lead them to unravel that secret universe that can only take flight through their wise choices and voices.

Teachers of whatever race, whatever culture, and whatever specialization need to give off themselves to these young ones who are in dire need of redemption that this generation is seemingly deprived of. It is useless to impart the technicalities of grammar, the immortality of literature, the wonder of science, the beauty of numbers, the richness of history, and the intricacies of art if there is no integration of peace and morality in all these lessons.

Education, no matter how complex it is, must not yield to the warped present where violence reigns and understanding is lacking.

‘Teach peace to reach peace,’ says a quote from some forgotten person. But peace cannot be if it was just taught, it has to be passed on. What can future and seasoned educators do to make that a reality?

(As published in SunStar Davao | July 8, 2012, Davao City, Philippines)


7 thoughts on “Purposeless life

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